Are we kinder really?

Dr. Bill Thomas is an author, performer and international authority on geriatric medicine and eldercare from upstate New York. I had the privilege of hearing him speak about 7 or so years ago. it is as if it happened yesterday. no doubt, it is because he speaks to the soul. here is a sample of the truth that he speaks.
“What happens when your intuition is stronger than your cognition?
Just as our society pressures you to eradicate wrinkles, it will work very hard to eradicate your new “behavior problems” if you are living with dementia. Not that long ago, you would have been restrained with actual physical restraints for exhibiting “behavior problems” associated with dementia. Today, you face the risk of “chemical restraints.” These are off-label, powerful anti-psychotic drugs used to quiet your symptoms (to the outside world) but do nothing to meet your needs
but aging is a UNIVERSAL human experience. It is in our individual and collective best interest to create a society where old is as valued, meaningful and significant as young.