Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve done our best to compile a list of the top questions we get asked on a regular basis. However, with all of the complexity that accompanies life care management, we understand that the answer you’re looking for might not be found below. If that is the case, then please contact us to discuss your specific situation.

So what exactly does Purview do?
The scope of our services is far-reaching.

We help with a vast array of aging or special needs issues. You can think of our aging experts like you would think of a general contractor when building a house. We manage all the moving parts of the project, while advising and guiding you through tough decisions. There is an immense amount of relief that a general contractor brings to a new homeowner. And the same relief is available to those dealing with the stress of managing the life care of a loved one. We help you with everything—from decision support and crisis intervention, to health care power of attorney and guardianship. The pressure of wading through information to figure out the best options isn’t on your shoulders.

As aging and special-needs experts, the scope of our knowledge and experience is extensive. Whether your situation is simple or complicated, medical or non-medical—in every case, we can provide valuable life care management solutions for your unique situation. We are more than health-centric. We are life-centric.

Do you send caregivers into the home?
No, we are not a home care agency. We do not employ any care givers. We do collaborate with many agencies that provide the service.
We just received my mom’s Alzheimer’s diagnosis. We’ve been handed dozens of pamphlets, and we’re overwhelmed with options of what to do. How can you help us navigate what lies ahead?
We understand how challenging it is to face this new reality. It’s frustrating and overwhelming to deal with the onslaught of information on top of the emotional stress that comes along with caring for a loved one with this disease. From the chaos of the internet to the giant stack of pamphlets you have to go through, there’s a steady barrage of advice from unreliable sources. In addition to the pitfalls of information overload, emotions can get in the way of making the best decisions in many of these cases. Having the objectivity of a life care expert is priceless.
Your services sound like exactly what we need. But how do I present it to my parents? I know they are not going to be very receptive to the idea…
We hear that all the time—an unwillingness to accept help is one of the main reasons why people hesitate to use our services. And later on, most of our clients tell us that they wish they had called us sooner, not later. They find that it is much easier for a loved one to receive advice from an objective expert than it is to receive it from family and friends. There are no emotional buttons that get pushed with us.

When older adults are reluctant to accept assistance, our Aging Life Care professionals will take the time to understand their fears and concerns. Once equipped with this knowledge, our experience enables us to focus the conversation on unique assistance solutions that will empower them to live their best life.

Does Medicare or any insurance cover your services?
At this time, no insurance or Medicare covers our services. We are a private-pay management service. However, there are occasions when certain long-term care insurance policies offer a cash option, which can be used toward our life care management service costs.
Do you help with individuals who have special needs?
Yes, we do. We’re aware that special needs situations are varied and can be quite challenging. That’s why we have specific services that help support families caring for a special-needs loved one.
Do you serve as agent or guardian for disabled or special needs persons?
Yes, we do. When guardianship is necessary, we have trained and trusted professionals who have earned a reputation in the community as being an effective and reliable source to safeguard this vulnerable population.
Do you serve as healthcare power of attorney?
Yes, we do. We receive quite a few requests for serving as healthcare power of attorney. There is a growing population of elder orphans, families separated by distance, or older, single adults  who want the peace of mind and the assurance that someone will speak on their behalf and carry out their wishes if need be. We have a popular “Just In Case” program that has been of great value to many of our clients.
Do you help navigate the benefit world as well as the healthcare world?
Yes, we can help assist you in navigating the benefit world. One of our main missions is to help our clients with benefit opportunities, which is why we have professionals on our team who are experts in keeping up with, understanding, and maximizing benefits.
Do you help with care center placement?
Yes, we do. There is much more than aesthetics involved when choosing the right care center for your loved one. In order to truly make the best decision, we believe it’s important to know the staff that works inside of a facility. After years of experience in this complex match-making game, we’ve built up a trustworthy network and honed our process for seeking out the best fit in the hopes of sparing families and loved ones from having to relocate.

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When it comes to managing life care, we have solutions for every step of the journey.