We’re here for those in need … and those making decisions for them.

Our services center around the one needing care. Our goal is their safety, comfort and happiness. Most often, however, we’re able to provide that by helping all those involved in the care. Long-distance decision makers. Concerned families. Aging parents planning for the future care of their special needs child. Professional advisors such as attorneys and trust officers. For all of these, we advise and consult to provide expert guidance, peace of mind and a sound strategy for care.

Who We Serve


Aging individuals who live alone or far away from family trust Purview Life® to create and implement a plan for them. Semiannual or quarterly meetings provide continued support and opportunities to discuss your concerns and any preventative measures.


While we are helping your loved one with their issues, we can coach you through the journey. We understand elder care and disability needs, and can help your family manage every stage, from initial planning to crisis management. Our expertise saves time, money and is crucial for providing relief in stressful situations.


We are a reliable source for attorneys, trust officers, health care providers and other professionals.

In legal and financial matters, we can provide valuable insight and information to help determine capacity, executive function, medical and social needs. We’re often appointed as a designated agent or guardian, and testify as an expert witness.

For health care professionals, our comprehensive involvement with the client allows us to offer a more expansive picture of almost every situation. We typically have a better understanding of living conditions, habits, compliance and any other issues which can help care providers make more informed decisions.

“I don’t want my kids to have to worry about me.”

Know That Your Wellbeing Is Secure

We have strategies and solutions for all of your life care needs.