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Chances are, you’ve never heard of a life care management professional. You’ve probably never needed one. Until now. But when facing the challenge of caring for a disabled loved one or aging parents, a life care management professional from Purview Life® can help make all the difference.

We fill many roles. We’re an advisor, an advocate, a coach. We understand the complexities and can help you navigate them—whether medical, financial or even sensitive family dynamics during this time. We’re here to provide relief to the whole family. To ensure your loved one is getting the best care possible and is safe, secure and happy. You don’t have to do it alone. You’re not expected to. Instead, let us help.

Our Services

Care facilities and medical, legal and financial professionals can provide great service individually. But without an integrated plan, layering these components increases the chance for error. We provide the expert coordination vital to the successful collaboration of all those involved in the care of your loved one.
It’s easy to make decisions based on emotion, especially when confronted with a life challenge for a loved one. That’s why we act as an unbiased and objective partner. We evaluate the facts and, based on years of experience, recommend the most effective path for your particular situation.

As part of our assessment, we provide a written report that includes our findings and details our recommendations. This document can help keep you focused on the objective and the decisions that need to be made. Having these details in writing can also diffuse differences in emotions and interpretations when multiple decision makers are involved. Admissible in court, the document has been helpful in resolving family and legal matters.

Dealing with multiple physicians and specialists can be overwhelming. Add to that the many services that need coordination, and caring for an aging parent or disabled family member becomes a full-time job. Fortunately, that’s our job.

We ensure clear communication among all parties involved to avoid duplication of services, misinterpretations of needs, unnecessary hospitalization, adverse drug reactions and more. Chronic conditions in particular require continuity of care, accountability, support, education and monitoring. Our advocacy has not only prevented emotional stress, it has saved lives.

When necessary, our team of professionals has the skills and discernment to help safeguard a person from their own wrongdoing or the sabotage of others. As guardian, it is our legal obligation to protect from fraud, undue influence or abuse. But we see it as more than our duty; standing up for others is simply what we believe in.
Medication Review
Medication mismanagement is a leading cause of hospitalization. That’s why we have a pharmacist on staff dedicated to medication safety. We review all prescriptions, over-the-counter products, herbals and supplements, examining effectiveness, dosage, safety, interaction, and cost. Our collaboration with other health care providers can eliminate the possibility of medication duplication and help simplify the regimen by possibly decreasing the number of medications needed.

“I wasn’t qualified to make all these decisions and care for my mom. Finding someone who is has made all the difference.”

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