Continuing to provide quality care in times of crisis

During this time of crisis and uncertainty, we want to let you know that we are staying current on changes and updates regarding life issues, healthcare issues and Medicare changes.

We rely on many credible national sources. In addition, our national association, the Aging Life Care Association is providing us with daily information to help support our Care Managers. It is admirable to witness their fearless dedication to meeting clients’ needs despite unprecedented obstacles. Their role in safeguarding older adults, especially those whose immune systems and mental capacity may be compromised is more valuable than ever.

Here are a few updates that could be helpful to you, your clients and or your families. A few important updates from Medicare:

1. In order to prevent physician visits, Medicare is allowing tele visits and waiving the deductible.

2. Hospitals are waiving the Medicare regulated three day overnight hospital stay in order to discharge to rehab and skilled units. It is important that during this time of social isolation that all aging adults have continued support in every area of life. Knowing that they have someone checking up on them on a regular basis is critical during this time.

Despite any limitations that may be imposed in care settings and facilities, our team is working collaboratively to implement creative and resourceful adaptations. These include, but are not limited to, telephone contact and video conferencing in place of in-person visits when necessary. We are monitoring food, basic needs supplies, and most importantly medications.

Our elderly population is a target for scams, it is crucial for our Care Managers to not only raise awareness, but to also help by imposing safe guarded measures to avoid financial exploitation. Emails are already circulating stating that the CDC has information on the virus and that vaccinations are available. Other emails are requesting donations in order to fight the virus.

Please know that we take social distancing and self-imposed isolation seriously. However, our Care Managers are not staying home. They are proceeding with the utmost caution and are here to help you and to assist in your client’s needs. We want to make sure that everyone is taken care of and needs are being met. Please do not hesitate to call us for any reason.

Best regards, Imane Rose