Care Management’s Role in Healthcare Power of Attorney for Estate Planning

Care Management’s Role in Healthcare Power of Attorney for Estate Planning

“Who do I trust with my life decisions if I can’t make them myself?” 

This simple question carries a weight that can stall even the most decisive individuals. It’s a significant decision, made more complex for those without immediate family, whose loved ones are miles away, or with those who want to ensure that their wishes are being honored. 

In our discussions, we’ve seen the hesitation, the uncertainty, and, frankly, the need for a better solution.

A Revolutionary Approach to Healthcare Power of Attorney

Enter an innovative option: care management companies like Purview Life stepping in as healthcare power of attorneys. Although not widely recognized, this concept can be a game-changer for our clients.

Purview Life isn’t just another entity; it’s a dedicated team of care management professionals prepared to act in your client’s best interest, making healthcare decisions aligned with their wishes and values when they’re unable to do so themselves. 

It’s about adding a layer of security and reassurance to the estate planning process, an option that’s invaluable for clients who find themselves pondering, “What if I’m all alone when the time comes?”

Why This Matters for Our Clients

Imagine the peace of mind you can offer a client who’s alone or someone whose family lives across the country. 

By introducing the option of naming a company like Purview Life as their healthcare power of attorney, you’re providing a solution that bridges physical distance and offers immediate, professional help when needed.

This isn’t about replacing family or loved ones; it’s about providing an option for those who need it, serving as either a primary or secondary choice. 

It’s a safety net for those unexpected moments in life.

Implementing This in Your Practice

As attorneys, trust administrators, and financial planners, you’re not just navigating laws and finances; you’re guiding individuals through some of the most personal and profound decisions of their lives. 

When drafting estate plans, it’s essential to have this conversation and present Purview Life as a viable, compassionate alternative for healthcare decision-making. So next time you’re sitting across from a client who hesitates at the question of a healthcare power of attorney, remember: there’s an innovative solution at hand. 

It’s about extending your professional guidance to include care management services as a practical, compassionate option in their estate planning.

Empower Your Clients with Innovative Healthcare Planning Options

It’s time to take a step forward and incorporate these groundbreaking healthcare planning solutions into your practice. 

Consider the profound impact this can have on your clients, especially those who may feel isolated or uncertain about their future healthcare decisions. I urge you to introduce the concept of a professional care management company like Purview Life as a viable healthcare power of attorney option during your estate planning discussions.

This isn’t just about offering another service—it’s about providing a sense of security and compassion that can significantly change your clients’ perspectives on the future. 

Let’s work together to ensure that every individual has the support and resources they need, no matter their situation. If you’re ready to enhance your services and offer your clients the comprehensive care and foresight they deserve, reach out to us at (918) 935-2020.

We’re here to help you bridge the gap, making estate planning a truly holistic experience for everyone involved.