Is it selfish?

Happy 2017 to all!

A new year is typically a time when a lot of us intend on making changes to our lives. For the most part we all strive to make positive changes. Ironically, our great intentions often pose more pressure. That explains why most New Years resolutions dissolve by mid to late February. You can argue that the reasons for failures could be that some of us set unrealistic expectations. some of us give up too soon. life happens. All of those are legitimate reasons.

In my opinion however, we have to dig deeper to uncover the real reason. could it be that we are conditioned that if we take the time that we really need to honor those commitments we are selfish? specially if someone like an elderly loved one or a child who is totally dependent on us? In our business, we find that to be true.

we hope to be an agent of change in this department. when we are helping families, we are not blindsided by only addressing the loved ones who need the immediate help. We are advocating and constantly educating and encouraging all to clearly understand the difference between self- care and selfishness. we love the results we see.