It is not independent. it is Oklahoma’s first interdependent living

Our Eastern Oklahoma Franchisee Beverly Rice and I had the most interesting and heart warming visit to OakCreek interdependent living in Stillwater Oklahoma. You can’t help but feel the love and pride that the residents have for their community. the lifestyle is not for everyone but in my opinion these residents have chosen a healthy self governed way of living. here is how they describe it on their website.
Living at Oakcreek is much more than just having a beautiful, energy-efficient, right-sized home with good neighbors. In fact, living at Oakcreek is more about learning to live respectfully and interdependently with others who share the vision of values of active living, aging, and growing-in-place.
Neighborhood Design: The physical layout of the buildings, the clustering of homes, size and location of the common facility and design of the open space are decided by the people who will live there with the intention of creating a strong sense of community.
Common facilities: These are designed for daily use, are an integral part of the community, and are always supplemental to the private residences.
Resident management: The cohousing community is managed by the residents.
Non-hierarchical structure and decision-making: No one person(s) has authority over others. Decisions are made by consensus.

I am so surprised and pleased that Oklahoma has embraced this concept.